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Orlando Shooting – Hate Crime or Terrorism?

The tragedy in Florida Sunday morning has rocked our country. At least 50 people were killed in a mass shooting at a gay nightclub—the largest death toll from gun violence in US history. The shooter was allegedly acting in the name of ISIS, though this is not yet confirmed. It is also not yet confirmed that this was a hate crime against the LGBT population, but on Pride weekend, at a gay club, it is hard not to draw those connections. The questions inevitably arise: what are the limits of freedom of speech and freedom of religion? How do we, as empathetic, tolerant citizens, make distinctions between a fanatic vs. the religion a fanatic aligns with? How do we get a clear picture of the larger story with so many news outlets pushing so many different angles? And how can the law guide our emotional responses? Continue reading “Orlando Shooting – Hate Crime or Terrorism?”

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What you need to know about the law

What you need to know about the law may be quite different from what a typical U.S student was taught in high school civics class and may have forgotten. The bulk of the laws in the United States that citizens may experience in their daily lives originate from statutes that were created by the legislative branches of the federal and state governments. Many civil (non-criminal) laws are enforced through regulations created by administrative agencies. Laws and regulations are interpreted, and can sometimes be ruled as unenforceable, by the courts. Continue reading “What you need to know about the law”

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