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Why to Choose an Online School?

There are many reasons that you may choose to attend online law schools rather than a traditional college or university. These reasons can easily range from your location to busy work schedules and beyond. Continue reading “Why to Choose an Online School?”

Out of The Box and Into Healthcare

During these delicate economic times even lawyers have been feeling the pinch. On the bright side, having a legal education is beneficial for nearly every career path. The understanding of the laws and ability to apply the knowledge to assist in all situations is what adds to the allure of hiring a lawyer. Continue reading “Out of The Box and Into Healthcare”

Interesting Area of Practice: Special Education Law

Special education law covers the legal issues involved in the provision of special education programs to students with disabilities. Lawyers who work in this area represent families of these students, school districts and government agencies. This could be very rewarding work if as the result of legal┬árepresentation a child with a disability obtains an education that enables him or her to live up to their potential. Continue reading “Interesting Area of Practice: Special Education Law”

Best Online Sources to Stay Informed About the Law

Defending Yourself Against Cybersecurity Threats

Tips for Solo Practitioners to Get and Stay Ahead

What you need to know about the law

What you need to know about the law may be quite different from what a typical U.S student was taught in high school civics class and may have forgotten. The bulk of the laws in the United States that citizens may experience in their daily lives originate from statutes that were created by the legislative branches of the federal and state governments. Many civil (non-criminal) laws are enforced through regulations created by administrative agencies. Laws and regulations are interpreted, and can sometimes be ruled as unenforceable, by the courts. Continue reading “What you need to know about the law”

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