The Republican leadership of the Grand Ole Party (GOP) is shaking in its well-shined boots with what to do about Donald Trump, and the ongoing freight train of momentum he has built.

Yes, Trump is abrasive, arrogant, and doesn’t have any compulsion about saying whatever he wants, about whomever he wants.  He is a political outsider, has never held political office, and while he may have throngs of supporters, he has absolutely no support from Republican

leaders. (Okay, if you want to throw out there that Governor Chris Christie is supporting him, you can. But I said “Republican leaders”.)

Through all the Republican debates, which seemed to be born from a discarded pile of Saturday Night Live scripts, the GOP simply assumed that Trump would flame out. So did I.  I didn’t like his tactics either. It seemed there was never any substance behind his comments. It was Donald Trump just whipping up his opinion de jour of what America is not, and simply stating he’ll get it fixed. But as this campaign tirade has gone on, it’s been this rhetoric that has pushed his momentum.

Though you may ask yourself why has he gained momentum, it shouldn’t take you long to figure out the answer.  It could be  that people are just “hacked” off. Perhaps it’s their anger that has the opportunity to manifest through an outlet they have not previously been provided. No longer is it just about the economy, trade, or taxes.  It appears people are taking out their anger on Washington directly. For years, it’s been the political insider saying “Washington has got to change” and Washington DOES NOT CHANGE.  The voters are well documented for decades of wanting outsider change inside the beltway. Now, like it or not, Trump represents an epic backlash to what his supporting voters have long viewed as a collective patronizing-status-quo leadership.

But now the GOP leaders are bonding together on how to Stop Trump. And if they are successful, perhaps that is what you, and I, might need to be concerned about.  For the GOP to openly Stop Trump now, would clearly show why our founding fathers thought political parties would be bad for the country. In 1796, when retiring from public life, George Washington warned Americans against “faction” parties. James Madison and Alexander Hamilton were guarded against the divisive nature of political parties. No doubt within each party there has been political infighting for as long those parties have been in existence. But when writing about Chicago style politics, authors at least give the boss-controlled political machine of the era the credit of being “crafty politicians.”

Now here we sit in 2016, in our digital world with voters having more access and more information than ever before. Facing a leadership group on the brink of snubbing its nose at a candidate because they believe they need to put on the brakes within their own party.

Perhaps it’s unfortunate that the current front-runner has all the grace of a pissed-off porcupine. But he’s played by THEIR rules in THEIR sandbox.  He entered his name on the ballot, and spoke.  Well, he really yelled… okay – he’s been on an endless rant, built on a platform that has fewer substantive planks in it than one used off the edge of a pirate ship.  The GOP leadership thought he would eventually walk his own “plank” and would finally drop off. They said “that’s not a party leader…Trump is just trying to be a bully.” But now they find themselves about to have that very plank pulled right out from under them.  And if the GOP leadership manages to Stop Trump, it will be at the direct dismissal of the current majority of Republican Party voters…their OWN voters.  Essentially those votes and those voters won’t matter to the Party.

The GOP doesn’t believe Trump represents the values of the Republican Party. You read every day how the party is dead if Trump is elected. He’s not a symbol of what it means to be a Republican as he stands their on the podium looking like Mussolini, which he does. They cry the GOP will suffer in the congressional November elections if he wins the GOP nomination. Well maybe it should suffer.  Maybe, just maybe, there’s been a lackadaisical approach of listening to the constituents of their own party which has come home to roost, because the party voters are NOT listening to them.

It’s been said, by Ted Cruz, that Trump’s supports have relatively low information, and are not very engaged.  Oh Ted, Ted, Ted. They don’t agree with your stance and now they’re the uninformed ones? You think they are the lost minions which you need to guide out of the darkness?  Perhaps that’s exactly the kind of arrogant-disengaged elected official and candidate that Trump supporters are steering away from.

As Cruz tries to fight his way back in, the GOP is not sure if Trump would be worse or if Cruz would be? The two “front-runners” are NO ONE THE LEADERSHIP WANTS, and they may be literally stuck between a grimacing-defiant rich guy and whatever analogy you want to use for Cruz. But these two have, as of this writing, a combined total of 839 delegates. The leftover candidates have a collective delegate count of 241.

So if the GOP Leadership manages to Stop Trump, they’re going to cry out how they saved the Party, and now they can go about saving the country. And they’ll do it, while standing on a podium, with their arms raised up in victory (very Mussolini-ish) all the while with their proverbial foot smack dab in the middle of the backs of Republican Party voters, just like a bully might do to get his way.

Like Trump – hate Trump. But when the very leaders who are telling people to get out and “Support Your Candidate,” only to be defied in a manner which can easily be compared to a fascistic approach of “we’ll get our way, and you’ll like it”, then the very hope of representation and democracy is lost.