The Cold Truth

Let’s face it, the United States is a place that just about all of us want to live in. It’s a place that’s going to change the way you go about living your life, especially if you haven’t ever been there in the past – it’s a place where all sorts of different races and religions can meet up and become one. In truth, there are a lot of different things you can do in the United States that you wouldn’t be able to do elsewhere. It’s going to be the type of thing that keeps you not only interested in the entire country, but also loyal. I’ve tried to tell people that we need to come together as a society, but everything is subjective, and some people just aren’t going to understand the situation. Think about it and then do it again, because it’s an issue that rubs a lot of people the wrong way.

There’s a problem that’s becoming increasingly popular in America, and that would be the fact that a lot of Muslims are being discriminated against. This is because of many different reasons, and if you live in the United States for yourself, you’re probably already well aware of a few. This is an article that’s going to cover the very touchy subject of Muslims in the United States – and how we should be doing our best to make sure that they feel right at home. The United States is supposed to be a place that promotes freedom, as opposed to just telling people that’s what they’re about (and never following through on their promises). For example, why is there such a surge in hatred for Muslims in America?

Diving Deeper: Breaking the Myths

Muslims actually account for a very large portion of the United States’ economy, and that means that without them, the stability that we’re trying to maintain wouldn’t be able to grow. About 60% of the American Muslim homes that were recorded within a consensus bring in $50,000 or more – that’s just slightly higher than the average household income. They aren’t just coming in to ruin everything we enjoy about the country, they’re providing positive results and making the most of their opportunities here. Some people may also feel like American Muslims “oppress women” in a sense, but that isn’t the case at all. Due to a study that was conducted by Gallup in the year of 2009, there are actually a lot of things people are getting wrong – Muslim American women not only happen to be much more educated than those located in Europe (the Western portion), but they also make money that is much closer to the opposite gender.

Other Benefits They’ve Got to Offer

In this day and age, people have learned to respect Muslims for what they really are – hard-working people like the rest of us. So much so, that they even elected one as the President of the United States! Although the President has publicly talked about his religion, there are still a lot of people that hold a certain prejudice against it. Muslim Americans are as diverse as they come, and they deserve a certain amount of respect in the United States.

Muslims also offer an abundance of other positive traits to both the community and the country we love so much, some of them would include:

*Diversity when it comes to our population – it never hurts to have different races blending together to share culture

*Muslim charity groups within the United States are definitely in abundance, which means they are only trying to do good and keep right with a positive cause.

*Around 10% of all American physicians happen to be of Muslim descent – this is due to a study conducted by the Islamic Medical Association of North America.


We’ve all got minds of our own, and that means we’re going to have to make a few tough decisions in our lives. Nobody likes being left out of the equation, so why would Muslims be any different? They are people just like you and I, and they also have families to support (much like you and I). They aren’t different, the only thing that’s off is the fact that their religion and culture might seem “new”. If there weren’t any sort of terrorist attacks in the United States, they would be welcoming Muslims in with open arms. Muslims aren’t aliens, they are people and we should treat them as such; regardless of how the mainstream chooses to portray them on almost a daily basis.

Why do you think Canada doesn’t have a problem with letting so many immigrants and refugees into the country? It’s because they believe in diversity. They believe in giving every man a fair shot at life, even if a Muslim will have to work twice as hard as somebody born in their migrating country. This isn’t just about terrorism and any of the other things being covered through popular news pages, this is about providing an opportunity to help create a better country. Not only that, but help create better lives for many people, as well.

North America is a fantastic place to live, regardless of what you’re going to get into as a career – that’s why so many Muslims dream about living here. For those that actually make it, we should be welcoming them with open arms (as opposed to pushing them away like most people would do).