During these delicate economic times even lawyers have been feeling the pinch. On the bright side, having a legal education is beneficial for nearly every career path. The understanding of the laws and ability to apply the knowledge to assist in all situations is what adds to the allure of hiring a lawyer.

The Bureau of LaborStatistics explains the shift: “For many companies, the high cost of hiring outside counsel lawyers and their support staff makes it more economical to shift work to their in-house legal department. This will lead to an increase in the demand of lawyers in a variety of settings, such as financial and insurance firms, consulting firms, and healthcare providers”. This is great news. The changes that are taking place for those in our profession, although scary are completely wonderful. They give us the chance to see more and be more. Attaining incredible levels of success.

One of the more stable industries that we are seeing a rise in utilization of legal professionals is the healthcare (and healthcare related) field. The healthcare arena is one full of promise and longevity. Lawyers are finding great success working for hospitals, patients and the healthcare professionals. Working under the umbrella of healthcare provides many options for lawyers to be beneficial litigators. There are opportunities to help those who genuinely need someone who can fight the fight.  The healthcare arena offers lawyers a  bountiful career choice that can lead to great professional gratification.

When you make the jump into the health care arena you are diving into such a diverse pool of opportunity. The American Health Lawyers Association gives such a great run down of the various opportunities: “Health lawyers have in-depth knowledge and experience working in this regulatory framework, and provide advice to hospitals, physician organizations, long term care facilities, home health agencies, health insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, as well as to physicians and other individual health care providers on how to comply with these rules.  The practice of health law can focus on a number of different areas, the most significant of which include: Antitrust, Corporate Compliance, Fraud and Abuse, Finance, Health Information Technology, Health Insurance and Regulation, Labor and Employment, Liability, Medical Records, Reimbursement, Patient Privacy, Tax, Quality of Care, Research and Clinical Trials, Tax and Nonprofit”

Attorneys interested in the medical genre can see big opportunities, as well as big paychecks.

Glassdoor.com, a website known for its user based (real life) information, lists the national average for healthcare lawyers as $141,560. That is a significant motivator, in addition to the great personal satisfaction of helping a client in need, to gain entry into the health care world.

So, the next time you are researching occupational options don’t limit yourself. Shows like Law and Order lead us to believe that we should be a certain kind of lawyer to be a “real” lawyer. The truth is a real lawyer is the kind that uses their mental law library to pursue victory on behalf of the client. Explore your options and give health care law a chance.

To explore healthcare law further, and see many more options available please visit the ABA’s website and view the health care law section: https://apps.americanbar.org/litigation/committees/health/home.html


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