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The People Are Journalists Too

Know your rights when recording and interacting with police: a guide

As technology has changed, society’s understanding of the First Amendment has changed with it, extending beyond press credentials. Filming law enforcement and sharing video on social media has been an impetus for reform and the front lines of information dissemination. In light of this, below are points about the law, ways to assert your rights when interacting with the police, and recording tips. Police are not the enemy—but sometimes police training includes tactics to influence people to surrender their rights in a confrontation. If you know your rights and have certain phrases in your back pocket, hopefully altercations can be avoided. If confrontations do occur, this guide covers what do and say in your recording. Continue reading “The People Are Journalists Too”

How to become a lawyer…


Interview with Paul Young, ALU School of Law ‘07

Paul Young graduated from Abraham Lincoln University School of Law in 2007. He’s now a busy, successful attorney and private investigator with his own law firm focused on judgment enforcement. I was thrilled to talk to him about his career and his time at ALU and to bring you his bits of wisdom.

What made you want to study law?

I was a tradesman, a plumbing contractor, when I was a victim of embezzlement. I went from not knowing any lawyers to being directly involved with six. Being a tradesman, I didn’t think well of lawyers. But I got to know these people because of the embezzlement. All of them turned out to be excellent and very good people who helped me quite a bit. Continue reading “Interview with Paul Young, ALU School of Law ‘07”

ALU Alumna Admitted to Appear before US Supreme Court

I had the privilege of interviewing ALU School of Law graduate, attorney and inspiration, RoseAnn Frazee, class of 2008. Ms. Frazee passed the bar on her first try at the age of 65, but she had been studying and “practicing” law since she was 12 years old in Alaska. Ever since that first appearance in court, when her father was charged with “cruelty of animals” and she yelled at the Marshal for lying on the stand, and then found a provision that saved the day, she has pursued her dream of a legal career. Continue reading “ALU Alumna Admitted to Appear before US Supreme Court”

Decisions: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

As I wrote in my previous blog, my decision to enter law school was somewhat sudden. Sometimes decisions are like that. After making it, I didn’t have buyer’s remorse so much as I had the thought, “What in the world have I gotten myself into?” Continue reading “Decisions: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”

Orlando Shooting – Hate Crime or Terrorism?

The tragedy in Florida Sunday morning has rocked our country. At least 50 people were killed in a mass shooting at a gay nightclub—the largest death toll from gun violence in US history. The shooter was allegedly acting in the name of ISIS, though this is not yet confirmed. It is also not yet confirmed that this was a hate crime against the LGBT population, but on Pride weekend, at a gay club, it is hard not to draw those connections. The questions inevitably arise: what are the limits of freedom of speech and freedom of religion? How do we, as empathetic, tolerant citizens, make distinctions between a fanatic vs. the religion a fanatic aligns with? How do we get a clear picture of the larger story with so many news outlets pushing so many different angles? And how can the law guide our emotional responses? Continue reading “Orlando Shooting – Hate Crime or Terrorism?”

My Experiences as an Online Law Student

Supreme Court Nomination Highlights Oxymoron – “Republican Leadership”

Why Why WHY!! You Should be More Worried About the GOP Trying to “Stop Trump,” Than Trump

The Republican leadership of the Grand Ole Party (GOP) is shaking in its well-shined boots with what to do about Donald Trump, and the ongoing freight train of momentum he has built. Continue reading “Why Why WHY!! You Should be More Worried About the GOP Trying to “Stop Trump,” Than Trump”

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